Macmillan Cancer Support

Rebrand for online spaces

As part of a larger website redesign brief, the Macmillan brand needed to be adapted for online use. 
An online toolkit was produced that could both be used as a set of online brand guidelines and a kit for accessing consistent artwork for the ongoing website redesign. 
Special attention was given to making the brand accessible, introducing new colours and typography to meet AA standards. The project involved close collaboration with UX team to develop new and intuitive navigation and page systems.
Branding / art direction / design / UI

| Online toolkit

| A meganav was used as an intuitive, linear way of navigating the complex site structure

| Icon suite reflecting illustration style

| Button style

| Type hierarchy was built around readability. Avenir was introduced for body copy to improve legibility in large areas of copy.

| Example page designs, following UI and principles developed in the toolkit