Malibu VIP

Rewards campaign and facebook app

Malibu VIP was a Facebook app designed to reward existing Malibu fans with exclusive content, offers, promotions, freebies and competitions from partners. VIP points rewarded fans, driving frequency and rewarding loyalty, generating a sign up of 150,000 and more than 3 million page impressions.
Research showed the audience showed a love of playing online games, especially while at work, which led to Cocktail Quest being created, a simple online game developed as part of the VIP experience.
The app was a finalist at 2012 International Content Marketing Awards for Best Consumer Digital Content Solution of the Year.
BRANDING / art direction / design / UI / RETOUCHING

| Final app screen designs

Gamification iconography developed as part of the style kit 

| Final Cocktail Quest designs. Coding and animation of the game by Marcus Sanderson.